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we are the iconic chaos duo, Amour and Louie. We love to do mischiefs and are crazy about treats. We are a lot of work for our hoomin but we pay her with cute pictures (and poops) but in fact we are only here for the food she gives us.

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Our blog is full with informative, interesting and fun topics which are not only for bunny owners/futre bunny owners, but also for people that love animals and want to know more about us!

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Our room setup May 2020

A lot of people are interested in our room setup so I thought about updating and showing it to you once again! As a graphic designer I put a lot of effort in designing and arranging stuff to perfection, not only in my job but also in my private life. I can’t handle colors not […]

How to bond with your bunny in 8 steps

In this blog post I will give you my personal steps to bonding / or a better bond, between your bunny and you! Give them some time to get to know the area they will live in (if its a new bunny or you just moved) Start by sitting outside of the pen, near the […]

How to free roam your bunny

Get your bunny spayed or neutered (This will help a lot with littertraining) Littertrain your bunny Start with a small section using a X-Pen (making it lager in the progress) Bunnyproof the area! (no wires, put the things away that your bunny likes to chew and isnt allowed to, no plants, make sure he/she cant […]

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@bobo.ellie.buns (instagram)

«Amour the bun’s page is very adorable and there’s lots of useful bunny tips on their website. Highly recommend checking it out.»

Saman Al.

«The page is very well structured. If you search something, you will find it. There is a lot of information, which is very interesting and helpful, especially if you want to get bunnies. The bun mom herself is communicative and open for any questions.»

@lumi_the_bunny (instagram)

«Amour and Louie’s mom is creating inspirational content that will help you improve your bunny’s life quality. Whether you’re thinking about adopting a bunny or you already have one at home. I suggest you have a look at their pages!»