How to free roam your bunny

  1. Get your bunny spayed or neutered (This will help a lot with littertraining)
  2. Littertrain your bunny
  3. Start with a small section using a X-Pen (making it lager in the progress)
  4. Bunnyproof the area! (no wires, put the things away that your bunny likes to chew and isnt allowed to, no plants, make sure he/she cant escape)
  5. Get plenty of toys for your rabbits and a bed or house that they can call their own
  6. Get rugs so that they can run and binky better around your room/house, its also better for their feet
  7. Get to know your bunny (where he like to chew, dig, where he might pee or poop to prevent that) let him/her out of the X-Pen in a save area, look at what he/her is doing and leave him/her out longer and longer out of the X-Pen
  8. And finally get stronger together with your bunny
This is Amours area, where his house, his bed, his toys and all his stuff is. I feed him there and his litterbox is in this corner. Its his space but he can use all of the space of my room to run and play.

But why should you free roam a bunny in the first place?

  1. Its less expensive then buying and owning cages
  2. You and your bunny will have a much stronger bond
  3. Your bunny will have the exercise he needs
  4. Its bunny friendly
  5. And most important your bunny will be happy


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