How to keep your bunny entertained

Bunnies, as we all know, love to play. But how do we keep them entertained? Here I have some tipps for you I personally use for Amour to keep him entertained:

  1. Lots of toys, keep switching them out
  2. Toys that they can toss around
  3. A house to hide and/or a playtunnel
  4. Blankets to crawl under
  5. Something high like a bed or chair where they can jump up and look over everything
  6. Get them apple branches (or any bunny safe branches) from outside
  7. Get them a box filled with snow or sand to dig in, you can also do this with litter or just shredded paper
  8. Selfmade toys from cardboard, or paperbags filled with hay or treats
  9. Just hiding treats around their area will also keep them busy and will surprise them during the day when you are gone
  10. Amour loves to toss around his stuffed animals
  11. Move your setup from time to time (avoid moving your litterbox)

Amours big play tunnel
Amours area with his toybin in the right corner, his tunnel and his house
My self made cardboard toy for Amour. Now you can put some hay in it or sprinkle some treats over it and watch your bunny destroy the cardboard.
Amour loves to crawl under blankets it keeps him entertained for hours


  1. […] Toys: To make sure that your bunny isn’t bored and doesnt destroy your stuff make sure that you get them plenty of toys to chew. Cardboard is a great cheap option that a lot of bunnies love. Just make sure that it isn’t printed or glued on. You can check out our post on how to keep your bunny entertained: […]


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