25 facts about Amour

So I asked you guys what you wanted to see on my blog and someone said that I should do facts about Amour. So I thought why not, so here are 25 facts about my little king:

Curious Amour
  1. Amour is a holland Lop
  2. He has blue eyes
  3. Since I got him I never clipped his nails (they arrent long yet)
  4. He has 5 brothers and 2 sister
  5. He is a free roam bunny since he is 5 months old
  6. He got neutered with 4 months
  7. He is a pretty calm rabbit (only in the morning he is crazy)
  8. Around humans he doesn’t know he is really shy
  9. He is territorial about his belonings
  10. He is very curious
  11. He is the king in the house and alway served first
  12. He loves cardboard
  13. His favorite foods are carrots and kohlrabi leaves
  14. He loves to toss around things
  15. He likes to sneak out of my room and play with shoes
  16. He has a masters degree in begging for treats
  17. He hates being groomed
  18. He sheds a lot due to his thick coat
  19. He is a super picky eater just like homin
  20. He doesn’t like a lot of fruits
  21. He had a lot of trouble eating hay at first
  22. Amour is very well litter trained
  23. Its hard to take pictures of him because he runs into the camera all the time
  24. He does a lot of silly things
  25. He loves laying around and sleeping just like bunmom
If you haven’t checked out our Instagram yet definitely go check it out @amour.the.bun

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