Mistakes bunny owners often make

As an active user of Instagram I see a lot of things, a lot of good things but also bad things. So I decided to make a post about some common mistakes that rabbit owners make. If you make some of those things don’t worry you can always improve and I hope I can help you. You can always DM me on our Instagram. But for now here are some of the mayor things that came to my mind:

  1. Getting your bunny in a pet store: try to adopt your bunny from a shelter or at least get your bunny from a well experienced local breeder.
  2. Bathing your bunny: never bathe your bunny they can easely die from shock. Bunnies clean themselves and should live in a clean environment so bathing is a big NO!
  3. Buying foods/stuff that has pictures of bunnies on it: because it has bunnies on it doesn’t mean it is for bunnies! Please read the ingredients list well.
  4. Buying a small cage or a hutch: if you want your bunny in a closed area please get them an x-pen they are much bigger and cheaper than a cage.
  5. Small hay feeder/not enough hay: give your rabbit enough hay so put it directly in their area/litterbox or in a big hay rack.
  6. Salt licks: would you eat raw salt yourself? so why would your rabbit? Its actually really bad for them and could lead to bladder problems.
  7. Wrong pellets: don’t give your bunny pellets that come mixed with nuts seeds or fruits. The best pellets are made from hay and maybe mixed with some herbs.
  8. Over-feeding pellets: too much pellets can make your bunny fat and sick so please follow the measurements on the package of the pellets.
  9. Buying “junkfood”: never buy those joghurt gummies or artificially flavored stuff for your bunny its really unhealthy for them. Dont give your bunny sweets eighter.
  10. Using water bottels: bunnies cant get enough water of them and inside of the bottle there is a huge build up of bacteria too so bunnies can get sick. So please get a ceramic bowl.
  11. Buying a small litter box: An adult sized rabbit cant fit properly into these tiny litter boxes and will never be properly litter trained if it hasn’t enough space so please get a big one especially if you have two or more rabbits get multiple big litter boxes.
  12. Litter box with no hay: Never forget to put hay inside of the litter box because bunnies poop when they eat and hay makes 80% of their diet.
  13. Cheap hay: Please get high quality hay. If its dusty old and yellow your bunny wont like it and wont have a healthy diet and might get sick so please buy high quality hay.
  14. Constantly picking up and cuddling your bunny: if your bunny likes it its okay but most bunnies (like Amour) hate it to be picked up so you should really leave them alone and not stress them out because stress could lead up to death.

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