Tips on how to live with a free roam bunny

Amour has been free roam for almost all the time since I got him and he really enjoys it and he is just a super happy bun. I thought I would share some tips with you on living with a free roam bunny on my blog. If you want to know how to free roam your bunny you can check out my post I made earlier. You can scroll down my blog feed and check it out. It will be also linked at the end of this blogpost. I hope you enjoy.

Cords and wires: I have all my cords and wires hidden behind my furniture. Mostly behind and under my huge bed. My cords I use frequently like my chargers are under my mattress and tucked under my pillows. I make sure Amour doesn’t get to them but also that I can reach them when I need them. When I move things around in my room I always think about the organization of my cords first so everything is safe for Amour. If you cant arrange your room like that I highly recommend cable protectors.

Bunny stuff storage: If you have a bunny you will have hay, treats, litter grooming supplies and just a lot of other stuff that you need and you also need a place to store it. So I store all my stuff for Amour in white huge bins from IKEA, I really love them. I have 3 of them. One for litter one for herbs and one for his treats and his harness, other medical stuff and brushes. The bins I use are from IKEA and are called “SORTERA” and come in two sizes. I personally have a big one for the litter and two small ones for the other stuff. And in the white box on top I keep a small 500 grams bale of hay handy in my room all day long.

The storage bins

NIC-Grids or just grids in gereal: I would really recommend getting some grids because you can use them to block off certain areas. I personally have the underneath of my bed blocked off so Amour cant get under my bed (Where all my wires are). Those grids are old parts of our old x-pen so I didnt have to spend any extra money on it. I just tied them together and tied them on my bed and it was finished.

The grids on my bed

Bed protection: I use a throw over blanket from IKEA over my bed during the day so the fur doesn’t get that much in my actual bed and so that my actual sheets are protected. Also when Amour used to have pee accidents on my bed I used baby pee mattress protection blankets on my bed too to protect it. I just threw it over and my bed was protected. Those mattress protectors are waterproof but they are very small so I used 4 to cover my whole bed. You can get both items at IKEA. (Baby pee matress protector: “LEN” size 70x100cm) (Throw over blanket “VÅRELD” size 230×250). Also make sure you don’t get a too nice and too expensive throw over sheet because keep in mind that it will get “ugly” over time. Mine already has some small holes in it that Amour chewed.

My bed

Flooring: Because my flooring is natural wood its really slippery for Amour so I decided to get him a big carpet. The carpet I got is also from Ikea. Sadly the carpet isn’t available at Ikea anymore but the size is 160x200m. The rug is really great Amour can really run around and binkie on it. For cleaning, I vacuum it once a week. For small crumbs or accidents I use a small broom. If you think about getting a huge rug try out a small one first to see if your rabbit is chewing the rug. This is very important because some rabbits tear up rugs and then it isn’t such a great idea to invest money into a big one.

Our huge carpet

Sleep area: Make sure your bunny has a spot where they feel save and they can call their own. It can be a cage that is always open, a hidey house or like for Amour a bed. If you want to get a bed also make sure your bunny doesn’t chew it. Also some bunnies like to destroy the beds or pee in it so a soft bed isn’t a option for everyone.

Amour in his bed

Toys: Toys are so important. It keeps them form being bored and destroying your stuff. So make sure to have enough toys for your bunny. I made a seperate post about “How to keep your bunny entertained” and “Amours toys” I will link them both here:

Amour with some of his toys

Litter box: To keep your Home clean its so important that your bunny is properly litter trained. To achieve that your bunny need a proper litter box wich means it need to be first of all big enough. Also make sure you put enough litter and enough hay in it. Also do not forget to clean it often enough to prevent odor build up. Sometimes I make cleaning vlogs on our Instagram so check out our stories. I have saved ones on our profile in our highlights called “cleaning” with the broom icon where you can check out our cleaning routine. I also made a blog post about how I litter trained Amour and tipps on litter training. I will link the blogpost here:

Amour in his litter box

Make a schedule: I have a daily routine I do with Amour I have set feeding times and a cleaing routine. Its easier for me so I dont forget stuff and I also have enough time for my own things I need to do like my other hobbies and learning for school and work. I also have a schedule for when I go shopping fo his foods. You can check out our daily routine post under this link:

If you are curious what foods I buy for Amour and about the expenses you should definitely check out our post “fresh foods we shop for” it is linked right below: and you can also check out or Instagram highlights in our profile called “fresh foods” with the bag icon.

How to free roam your bunny post:

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