How I keep my room clean with a free roam bunny

On my instagram I update you guys frequently about how I clean my room so I decided to make a more detailed post about it on our blog. If you want to see our little vlogs about cleaning our area/room you can check out our story highlight “cleaning” with the broom icon on our instagram profile.

The litter box: For Amour litte box I clean it every two to three days. I use wood based pellets from cats best. I put the dirty litter in a trash bag and once the litter box is empty I also clean the litter box with pet safe wet towels against the odor and small stains. Then I refill it with the wood based pellets and timothy hay from versele laga. (Products will be listed below) Every few months I change out the litter box for a few days for a deep clean. For the deep clean I fill up the dirty litter box with hot water and disinfectant cage/litter box soap (called Qualinol) and put it in the bathtub and let it soak for a few hours. And then I scrub it as hard as I can to get the heavy stains out. For around the litterbox, what I would recommend is, if your bunny doesn’t chew on rugs, is getting one for under or in front of your litter box so the spilled litter and hay stays near by and isn’t all over the room.

Timothy hay
Pet safe wet towels
Disinfectant litter box soap

Deep cleaning once a week: Every week on a Saturday I do a deep clean of my room. On that day I also clean his litter box and I remove all his stuff from my room and vacuum my whole room. I also vacuum his bed and sometimes also my bed. This usually takes me about 30minutes to do. Amour sheds a lot so this is really necessary to do it once a week due to the heavy fur build up on the carpet. As vacuum I use a huge Dyson vacuum wich is really strong. Sadly it has a wire so I have to watch Amour so he doesn’t get into that.

Dyson vacuum

Other cleaning utensils: For small things I use a small broom and clean his area around his litter box for spilled hay, litter or bits of poops I do that one time in the morning when I get up and in the evening when I come home from work. For fur on my clothes or on my bed I love to use my PetLush, I really recommend to get one because its really amazing how it picks up the fur. I also clean his water bowl daily and his food dishes weekly.


How often do you have to clean? How often you have to clean really depends on how many bunnies you have and how your bunnies act. I remember with Amours brother (who had really long fur) I had to clean a lot more often and not only because of the fur. He also dragged a lot of hay around and tipped over stuff because he was so wild and crazy. So you really have to find your own unique routine. But maybe I helped you a bit with this blog post and my routine and inspired you to start your own.

If you want more information about our litter box you can check out our (old) Instagram post about it wich I liked down below and if you would like some help or if you are interested in how I litter trained Amour you can check out our blog post about it:

(old) Litter box post on Instagram


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