12 signs your bunny loves you and how to make your bunny love you

12 signs your bunny loves you

  1. They are calm around you
  2. They search and look for you around your room and house
  3. They let you pet them
  4. They do binkies
  5. They flop or lay around you
  6. They nip or dig on you
  7. They circle you
  8. They nudge you
  9. They beg for treats
  10. They give you kisses/lick you
  11. They do this tooth-clicking noise when pet
  12. They come when you call them

How to make your bunny love you

  1. Comfortable home/area: make sure your bunny has its own space where they feel safe and have their own stuff. Make sure they have something to hide and lots of toys. But do make sure that your area is bunnyproof if you decide to let the bunny be free roam. If you want to know how to free roam a bunny you can check out our post: https://amourthebunny.wordpress.com/2019/03/14/how-to-free-roam-your-bunny/
  2. Feed the right foods: The diet is such an important thing to make your bunny healthy and happy so do your research and feed plenty of hay. If you are interested in what I feed Amour check out our post: https://amourthebunny.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/fresh-food-we-shop-for/
  3. Big litter box: Bunnies need a big litter box so they can properly go on the toilet and eat a lot of hay and just feel comfortable so make sure to buy a cat sized one. If you want to know how I litter trained Amour make sure to check our our post:https://amourthebunny.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/how-i-litter-trained-amour/
  4. Let them exercise: Bunnies shouldnt be kept in one small spot all the time so even if you have them in a playpen (x-pen) let them out sometimes and watch them run around. Its still best in my opinion to let your bunny live free range.
  5. Check their health regularly: Bunnies will usually try to hide the fact that they’re in pain or sick, so it’s important to check your bunnies health regularly. Keep an eye on its eating, exercise, pooping, and peeing habits and take your bunny to the vet if you notice anything out of ordinary.
  6. Keep your area clean: To keep your rabbit healthy and clean you should also keep your area clean. If you’d like tips and my advice on that check out our post: https://amourthebunny.wordpress.com/2019/05/22/how-i-keep-my-room-clean-with-a-free-roam-bunny/

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