How much money do I spend on Amour? How expensive is a bunny?

How expensive is a bunny? This will be a blogpost about my expenses for Amour it will include first time supplies, foods, hay, litter, bunny proofing, vet, and other essential supplies for bunnies. Please consider that the prices here in switzerland are really high.

Amour himself: Amour is a purebred fuzzylop from a lovely and passionate breeder I got him for 60 CHF

My first supplies: As first supplies I had to get an Playpen (X-pen) I got 2 wich I then combined together to make a big one. I also had to get protection for my flooring because it was too slippery for him. First time suplies also included a carrier, storage boxes, litter boxes, hayracks, bowls and grooming supplies.

  1. Playpen (x-pen): for the 2 in total was around 100 CHF
  2. Flooring: for the whole playpen area around 40 CHF
  3. Carrier: I got one made out of fabric, 20 CHF
  4. Storage boxes: I got mine from Ikea (3 boxes) total 35 CHF
  5. Litter boxes: First I got 2, one big cage one, and a cat one, total 70 CHF
  6. Hayracks: Got 2 big ones (dont use them anymore) total, 10 CHF
  7. Bowls: Got 4 bowls in total at first, total 50 CHF
  8. Grooming: pretty expensive brush (Furminator), nail cutting scissors and de-shedding glove, total 55 CHF

Pellets, hay and litter: I had a huge struggle with Amours hay eating so I had to try out many hays wich got pretty expensive. If you want to read our story about that you can check out or blogpost with this link:

  1. Pellets: one bag, 2 kilos, 8 CHF (one bag)
  2. Hay: one small bale, 0.5 kilos, 5 CHF (one bale)
  3. Litter: one bag, 11 kilos, 13 CHF (one bag)

Fresh food: Fresh food for Amour costs me about 80 CHF per month. We go shopping every week and I spend around 20 CHF each time on foods for him. If you are curious what I buy for him you can check out or blogpost about it wich I will link here:

Toys: I got Amour lots of toys and I also sometimes order a box from the happy bunny club wich has a lot of fun toys and treats in them. Amour also owns a cuddly bed and two tunnels.

  1. Toys: Amour has a lot of toys, spend around 50 CHF on all of them
  2. Subscription box happy bunny club: per box/month (with shipping) 32 CHF
  3. Bed: Amour has a soft grey bed, 20 CHF
  4. Tunnels: he has one made from branches and one out of fabric, total 30 CHF

Treats and Herbs: Around every 2 to 3 months I spend around 20-30 CHF on treats and herbs for amour.

Bunny proofing: For bunny proofing I got bed protection sheets that are waterproof, a big carpet, wire protections and I had to throw out or buy some of the stuff new that Amour has destroyed.

  1. Bedsheets: 4 small bedsheets to cover my whole bed, total 40 CHF
  2. Carpet: 160 x 200 cm, from Ikea, 90 CHF
  3. Wire protection: 1m wire protection, 10 CHF

Harness and leash: Amours harness and his leash costed me about 20 CHF

Vet: Amour is neutered and that costed me 80 CHF

Total: So everything together is 948 CHF

This is crazy expensive and if I think about it how many new bowls, litter boxes and how many treats I bought him the price is even higher so thats really crazy. Even the whole story about finding the right hay for him was pretty expensive too and it can happen to anyone. And the total number only includes one ration of his food, hay, litter and one month of fresh food. So I spend way more money on his food than that.

So if you are thinking about getting a bunny make sure you can have all those expenses in your life or that your parents are okay with it. Because bunnies aren’t cheap animals and there can always be a sickness that can cause a huge vet bill at any time so you have to be prepared.


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