Stuff you need to have before getting a bunny

Allowance: First you have to make sure that you are allowed to have an animal. Maybe your parents aren’t okay with owning an animal so discuss it with them first and make sure that they are ok with it.

Space: Make sure you have enough space for your bunny, here in Switzerland the minimum space for bunnies is 2m by 1.7m and if you have more bunnies it doubles up so do your research and make sure you have enough space for the bunny.

Time: Make sure you have time to keep and take care of bunnies. you have to do pelty of research before getting a bunny and also make sure where you are going to get a bunny. Also set up the space of the bunny a few days before and be prepared. Also its best once you have the bunny, to follow a daily routine with them. So a strict feeding time and strict cleaning days are best so you can keep up with the work.

A transport box or a carrier: You need to transport your bunny. Don’t use a cardboard box because rabbits love to chew them so they can easily chew themselves through. Also make sure that the carrier is big enough for your bunny. I personally have one made our of fabric but you can also get one made our of plastic with a grid door. If you have 2 bunnies make sure the carrier fits them both and they can move around in it. Or simply get two carriers.

Hay: Hay makes 80% of a bunnies diet they need it for they digestive system. It also keep their teeth short. So make sure you get high quality hay before you get a bunny. I suggest timothy hay. But also keep in mind that your rabbit may be a picky eater and wont like the hay and that you might need to try out a few different brands of hay to find out the one that your rabbit likes best.

Bowls: Its best to use heavy ceramic bowls so your bunny cant tip your bowls over or throw them around. If you want you can also use plates if you like. And please don’t use water bottles. Bunnies cant drink enough from these bottles and inside of these there is a huge bacteria build up wich can make your bunny sick.

Litter box: If you want your rabbit to be littertrained its really impoertant to get a big cat sized litter box. Also make sure to fill it with plenty of hay. If you want to know how I litter trained Amour you can check out our blogpost about it:

Litter box post on Instagram

The right food: Getting the right veggies is a huge topic. You have to do a lot of research on the internet before getting a bunny to know what you can feed and what not. If you are curious what I feed Amour and what foods I buy you can check out our blogpost about what foods I buy and our instagram post about our diet wich will be linked below: I also have a story highlight called fresh food wich also shows fresh foods I buy and what I feed.

A x-pen or grids: Use grids to make a safe area for your bunny if you want to litter train the bunny first before you free roam it or if you want to keep it in an x-pen. Also later if you free roam it grids are still really useful to block off certain areas of a room.

Grooming supplies: You need to get a brush for your bunny and pet nail clipping scissors that are suitable for bunnies. If you want to see what grooming supplies I am using and how I am grooming my bunnies, make sure to check out our story highlight “grooming” on our Instagram profile.

Toys: To make sure that your bunny isn’t bored and doesnt destroy your stuff make sure that you get them plenty of toys to chew. Cardboard is a great cheap option that a lot of bunnies love. Just make sure that it isn’t printed or glued on. You can check out our post on how to keep your bunny entertained:

First aid kit: You maybe want to have a first aid kit ready if your bunny gets sick. I personally have a syringe and critical care that I got from my vet ready just in case if a bunny stops eating. Also keep a bag of your bunnies favorite herbs and treats ready.

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