Our Room Setup

In this blogpost I wanted to show you our room setup and explain it a little bit more in detail. Some of you might know our setup from our Instagram.

Advertising: some of the products are linked in this blogpost, I bought all the stuff myself, I don’t get paid by any company.

Amour and Louie live totally free roam in my room. They have access to all the area in my room and when I am at home they can also follow me around in almost all our house. My room is completely bunny proof. The rest of our house isn’t so thats why they can only be free roam outside of the room under my supervision.

In total I have two litter boxes inside my room. One in a jumbo size with a hood and a small one for behind the door, because thats the spot where Louie chose that there needs to be a toilet too.

In our area is a big carpet from Ikea wich you sadly cant get anymore but I recommend getting small ones first and surveying your bunnies first. Some rabbits will chew carpets and then a carpet isn’t the option for you. But if your bunnies don’t chew on rugs and carpets its the perfect option for your area so they don’t slip around on the floor. At Ikea the carpets are pretty cheap for their size too.

The right side of our area

On the right side of our area, in the corner there is the first cuddly bed. Both bunnies love this bed. They both love to just sit in it or lay in it so I had to get two of it. The bed is also in a great size to just throw in the washer if it gets dirty. In the background you see all their bowls. This is their feeding area. The pink bowls are their pellet bowls hidden is their grey water bowl and the while bowls are their fresh food bowls. Besides that on the wall is their toy bin. Its full with toys and Amour loves to tip it over. In the front, on the carpet. You can see the almost gone willow tunnel, and a small grey stool wich we use as a hide house and the bunnies also love to sit on top of it. In the very left corner you can see the big litter box again and on top of the litter box is the bin with the most important stuff inside. There is always a bale of hay ready, my small broom, their pellets, pet safe wet towels and their favorite herbs.

The left side

The bunnies like to lay behind the mirror because there is like a space where they can lay in between the wall and the mirror. In front of it there is the second cuddly bed. Next to my bed on the floor there is a tunnel wich they don’t use that often but they run through it sometimes.

The other side of my room

Behind my door there is the small litter box. Louie always used to pee and poop there so he kind of chose to have a toilet there so I put a litter box there. To also kind of cover the floor I have to small carpets also from Ikea, wich are great to also put in the washer when they get stains. To secure my bed I have a gate and plastic mats on my bed that they cant get under my bed. The gate had kinda sharp ends so I topped them off with white wood balls to secure them so no one would get hurt on the metal.

If you want to have more information about how I live with free roam bunnies make sure to check out these posts: How to free roam your bunny, Tips on how to live with a free roam bunny, How I keep my room clean with a free roam bunny

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