25 Facts about Louie

His signature pose
  1. Louie is a fuzzy lop and go the typical fuzzy fur on his body
  2. He has black eyes
  3. Just like Amour, he got neutered when he was a few months old
  4. He had 6 siblings wich sadly all died as babies. He was the only one who survived
  5. He was raised by hand by the breeder and was good friends with her dogs
  6. Amour and Louie are from the same breeder
  7. Louie used to be named «Ragetli» wich basically means small rocket
  8. Louie and Amour are halfbrothers, they got the same dad
  9. Louie always wants attention
  10. He follows mommy around everywhere
  11. He is the one to start any mischiefs
  12. He eats super fast
  13. He likes all foods (until now)
  14. He doesnt mind being picked up or being groomed
  15. He got a signature pose: standing on his hind legs
  16. Its also really hard to take pictures of him because he runs towards me all the time
  17. He is much smaller than Amour
  18. He is a little messy pig and even though he is litter trained he still leaves poops here and there
  19. He loves to be pet
  20. He is always begging for pets, treats and attention
  21. He always gets groomed by Amour and really enjoys it
  22. Taking care of his fur is really important. I have to groom him quite often.
  23. Even though his fur is that fluffy he sheds less than Amour
  24. Louie knows his name really well and comes when called
  25. He is super curious and is super brave, he loves to explore all of our apartment

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