How do I groom Amour and Louie

In this blogpost I will talk about how I groom my bunnies. I will go a little bit into more details about how I care for their fur, how I keep them clean and how I cut their nails. For me grooming also includes some health check ups like checking their weight, their ears and teeth.

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Fur-Care: Caring for their fur is a little bit different for both of them. They both are the same breed but they got different furtypes. Louie has typical fuzzylop fur wich is really fluffy and long on his body. While Amour has shorter coat wich is really thick. Amour sheds a lot more than Louie. But since I have to take care that Louies fur doesn’t get knots and doesn’t become matted. So in general I brush Louie more often than Amour because of that reason. For that I always place them on a higher, safe, surface. In my case this is my commode. I lay out a towel wich is especially for them so they don’t slip as much. (Amour hates this towel and starts to bite and dig it so I remove it when I groom him) For brushing itself I use one kind of brush on Louie and two kinds on Amour. On Louie I use one special brush from this grooming kit and for Amour I use the same one too and the furminator (for short coat size small cat). Louie has no problem with grooming he only doesnt like his neck to be groomed and his tummy. For grooming his tummy I let him stand on his hind legs. NEVER PUT YOUR BUNNY ON ITS BACK! Amour doesn’t like grooming at all. He will try to nip at me and push me away with his head. He will also try to jump of the commode. For Amour its safer to be two persons to brush him. They both get treats during and afterwards.

Louies fur from one grooming session as he was loosing his baby fur

How do you keep your bunnies clean? A lot of people always as me because of the super clean white paws of Amour. This is a simple question to answer. First of all Bunnies must live in a clean environment or else they will get sick. I basically just clean their litter boxes a lot (every second day) and use a super absorbent litter. If your bunny has really dirty feet you can clean them with a damp towel or let them run around in an x-pen with a damp towel for a while to soak their feet a little. But NEVER BATHE YOUR BUNNY!

Nails: For trimming their nails I also put them on my commode. I really watch out that their nails are not to short I always go by their fur length. If their nails are longer than their fur on their feet I trim them a little bit. For trimming I use special scissors that are for animal nails. I hold the bunny close to my chest and hold their paw gently in my hand. Before I cut the nail I press on the nail with the scissor to see if I hurt the bunny and then I cut it completely. Its really important not to cut them to short! On light colored nails you can see where the nail starts and how much you can cut at maximum but I never cut that much. If you cant do it alone get someone to hold the bunny for you so you can hold their paw and cut their nail. But please never put your bunny on its back! Amour and Louie both always get a treat after they are done.

Picture source: Google

Health check-up: I regularly check their weight with a baby scale. Its important so you can see and reflect their eating behavior but you can also measure their pellets for their exact body weight for example. I always not their weight down in a notebook to keep track. During that I also check their ears if they are clean. If not you need to see a vet directly! I also check their teeth by holding their head and lifting up their lips. Their teeth should be lightly “wavy” they should just touch by the end and barely overlap. Checking their teeth is really important because they never stop growing. If you bunny doesn’t wear them down it could lead to massive problems with eating and this will always lead to their death. So it important your bunny eats enough hay, gets enough branches and toys to chew on.

Picture source: Google


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