Cruelty free #3

Since the last time I have kind of perfected my trip to an all complete cruelty free lifestyle. The last time I had a few single products that I couldn’t still replace but now after a long time of searching (for some products) I could finally do it and these here are my solutions:

Advertising: All the linked products are self bought. I don’t get paid by any company to show and promote their products.

Deodorant: I had to search quite a bit to find a brand that doesn’t test on animals when it comes to deodorant (especially spray deodorant) but now I am in love with the brand Ben & Anna wich offer natural and cruelty free deodorant sticks in a variety of scents. (They also have natural toothpastes in glass containers wich I bought and I will also try) For spray deodorant I switched to the Rituals deo spray in the scent cherry blossom & rice milk, and let me tell you: I AM ADDICTED TO THE SCENT!

Lip care: In the winter I always have problems with super dry lips, same when I am sick. So I had a huge collection of lip balms and also had to exchange them when I was sick. Big brands everyone knows (I will not mention them) test on animals. Gladly I found the Body Shop’s lip butter and also Wow You’s lip butter (Carmex is also cruelty free). In lip butter you dip your finger in and you don’t put the whole product directly on your lip (only whats on your finger). So if you have clean hands and if your sick you don’t have to replace it directly.

For my phobia: Since I am a little germaphobic I cant live without hand cleansing gel in my bag. Sadly I used a brand that tested on animals before but now I use the cleansing gel from the body shop. They have multiple scents and smell amazing!

Make-up: I already mentioned this in my first ever cruelty post and it was the first thing that I ever changed but let me mention it again for this post. I am not a huge make up user. I go bare face almost every day and almost never use make up at all. Sometimes I use a cover up stick, for any super bad blemishes that sometimes appear and some highlighter, if I feel like it. But thats the maximum I will ever wear. I only have products from the brand Catrice wich is cruelty free.

Being more climate friendly: To be more climate friendly and reduce my plastic use I also use bamboo tooth brushes that are compostable. I also stopped using facial wet wipes and bought reusable microfibre face towels. I just wet them with water or with cruelty free cleansing micellar rose water and after I used the whole towel (the towels are quite big so I can use them multiple times, each time a different corner) I just throw them in the washer.

Some (most) of the products mentioned in the blog post.

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