Cruelty free #4 | How do you find products?

In todays blog post I will explain how I find all my cruelty free products, how I check them, where I shop and how you can check if your products are cruelty free. I will also introduce you to the symbols of the cruelty free world.

Disclaimer: I don’t get payed to promote the linked pages.

I personally use different methods when I am at different locations. But I for sure always check to make sure its cruelty free. A lot of products here in Switzerland don’t have any branding when it comes to animal testing wich can get really tricky when you’re trying to find out if its cruelty free or not.

My favorite online shop: I mostly prefer to shop at my favorite online shop for my cruelty free stuff and stock up on it due to the lack of labeling here in Switzerland. I really order a lot of the same product at once to reduce CO2 emissions due to shipping and packaging , the filling material is 100% compostable but I still don’t want to order that often. The website is called Ecco Verde and you can even sort the shop by cruelty free certificates, for example the leaping bunny, or PETA cruelty free. The shop is known for its natural cosmetics but they also offer some other stuff too.

Google: When I am at a store sometimes 15 seconds of googling is enough to find out about a brand. I just type in the brand and the words animal testing or cruelty free. Sometimes google will open an information window itself saying if the brand tests on animals/or not, or you will find blog or forum pages (mostly really quickly if its a popular brand) that will answer your question. As page I really recommend the list of They also offer a file they will send you via E-Mail with a list of cruelty free brands.

Google pop-up translation: Users were also asking, Is EOS cruelty free? EOS supports animal testing. The lip balms are not completely cruelty free.

Apps: Sometimes I use apps to scan products in the store the two apps I have on my phone are called Cruelty Cutter and Code Check. With Cruelty Cutter you simply scan the code of the product and then it shows you if its cruelty free or not (not all products are listed on this app). With the app Code Check you can check all sorts of codes, also from food. It shows you all the ingredients you can even look if its vegan and make a profile for products you like. In your profile you can even save if you have a food allergy or if you are looking for microplastic free stuff (for example). They have many more categories

Cruelty free symbols: There are 3 big cruelty symbols wich you can trust 100%, The Leaping Bunny, Caring Consumer, and CFF Rabbit. There are also other symbols with bunnies but I would always do your research if you see them to be sure. The logos are also country based so if you live somewhere else you might not spot some of those.

The Leaping Bunny, by Cruelty-Free-International, used International
Caring Consumer, by Peta, used in the USA
CCF-Bunny, by Choose Cruelty-Free, used in Australia
Other kind of cruelty free logo, the brand is cruelty free.

!REMEMBER! Companies that don’t have that logo on them can still be cruelty free so its always worth to check. In some cases companies fake the symbols, in that case you also have to check so the best solution is always to do your research before you buy anything. Also consider that some brands itself are cruelty free but they are owned by a bigger brand that does animal testing so you indirectly support animal testing with buying these products. For example Burts Bees wich is owned by Clorox and Clorox is NOT cruelty free.


  1. Very informative. Good suggestions. I was wondering if you could suggest low cost brands for those who have a restricted income? Will you be doing a blog on laundry detergent, dish soap, household cleaners, pest control (this is a biggie with me for I am allergic to pesticides and worry about my pets being exposed)?

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    • Thank you! Sadly in every country there are many different brands so I don’t think recommending low cost brands would make sense since in every country there are others. For example here in Switzerland we almost don’t have any brands (except for the big ones) that they have in the USA. In Switzerland we also don’t have anything low cost thats cruelty free so I kinda have to stick to more pricier items. Also In household Items I cant really involve myself because I still live at home. Once I move out there will be definitely a post about cruelty free household cleaning supplies. With the methods I suggested you can test any product from any brand. With pesticides I am not really informed I am really sorry but I think when you google it properly there will be lots of information too.


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