Cons and Pros of owning bunnies


  • Bunnies are a long term commitment some bunnies live up to 10 years and more
  • They are expensive and require a lot of supplies
  • They require a lot of space
  • They are prey animals so they are not really animals to pick up and cuddle
  • They get scared easily so they will hide if scared.
  • Their language is difficult to read, for example when they are sick they wont show it until its almost to late.
  • They are sensitive and get sick easily if not taken care properly
  • They get insured easily, they are fragile animals.
  • They chew, some bunnies more then others. Some bunnies just destroy everything
  • You need to bunny proof everything so they cant escape or get into dangerous stuff (Indoors and outdoors)
  • The hay that they need makes a big mess. Some people are even allergic to it.
  • They shed a lot. So you have fur almost everywhere in your home when you don’t clean often. Some bunnies also need a intensive grooming routine.
  • They have a different life routine than us. They are most active in the morning and the evening so during the day they sleep most of the time.


  • They are loyal they know who their owner is and recognize you
  • They are super adorable!
  • Bunnies are clean. They clean themselves all day long
  • They don’t have any odor
  • They are really smart. You can teach them tricks but they will also give you an attitude when they are mad at you
  • They can be litter trained
  • Bunnies are usually quiet (until they are hungry and start throwing stuff around)
  • They don’t eat stinky food like cats or dogs
  • You can bond with them pretty tightly, for example if you live with them in the same room
  • You have best friends for a long time
  • They are super cute to just watch all day long

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