Our shop

In todays blog post I want to introduce you to our shop Amoury! I will explain you what our shop is about and how our shop works.

About Amoury: I created Amoury to raise money for shelters and bunny helping organizations. Not all bunnies are so lucky to have such a lovely home and be so loved like ours do. I donate all the money raised by the shop goes to animal rescue organizations and animal shelters. Mainly (https://www.tierrettungsdienst.ch) They help abandoned, sick or old, miss treated animals to find new homes and care for them.

What we sell: As a graphic designer myself I design everything my own. From webpage, to logos, the advertising and even all the designs on the products itself. We offer a variety of clothes: T-shirts, tops, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies. There are also accessoires available such as: tote bags, draw string bags, buttons (big and small) and mugs. We also offer phone cases for the Iphone X, Iphone 7 and 8, there is also one available for the Samsung Galaxy S9. In the shop we also sell pillow cases and fully stuffed pillows.

Just an example of what we sell on Amoury

Everything is customizable: If you want to adjust our design or simply don’t like our designs you can make it your own! You can simply add something to our design or remove our design and make it completely your own by customizing the product you’ve chosen! Simply add your own text or upload your own design or photo. You can also chose multiple of our designs and add them on the product in the customizer.

Remember every shop is for a cause and helps! I just stared Amoury and the shop will improve much more. I really hope it will grow much popular by time so we can help more organizations and more bunnies! So please feel free to share the shop and this blog post to your bun friends. Also if you have any wishes on designs feel free to contact me with your ideas!

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