How I bunny proofed my room

In this blogpost I will go through simple bunny proofing that I did in my room. Its really important to do that when your bunnies are free roaming, especially when you don’t survey them. Bunnies can easily get into things that are super dangerous and you might not even realize that.

The bed: My bed stands on 6 wooden pallets so its higher because I had problems with Louie getting on my bed and him not being able to get down again. That turned out to be really dangerous since I am leaving for work and them being alone during the day. On the other side Amour had no problem and he slept on my bed regularly. Instead of having the bunnies inside of a gate I got the Idea of making my bed higher. Amour still really rarely jumpes on my bed (he can jump really high) but Louie doesnt. The whole bed has gates (normal x-pen parts) around it so they cant get under it. I then covered it with blankets so it would look nicer.

Cords: I have a TV, lamps and of course my charging cables for my electric devices in my room. I had a really simple solution to fix that problem. I basically just placed the things in a place that the cable and the plugs are behind the furnitures. In the picture of my bed you can see one cord plugged into my bed this cord is covered with a plastic cord protector and the cord then goes under my bed wich then comes up again in the corner into a plastic box with a big socket with multiple plugs wich i store my chargers in. The box has a lid so all is nicely storaged and bunny proof. Outside of the box under the mattress then leads a cable (wich I put in a cable protector just in case) to my small night lamp you can see in the corner of my bed.

Plants: As a plant lover I cant go without plants in my life. So I have a high commode and put most of my plants safely on there. I also have small ones on my ledge and one in my shelf next to my bed. Its really important so your bunnies cant access the plants because most of them are toxic.

Storage in general: Never put anything in the reach of your bunnies wich they shouldn’t touch or could easily destroy/eat. Thats why I have bins and a basket on the bottom of my shelf (next to the bed). Also on another commode, wich has an opening wich Amour can reach, I have storage bins so nothing is open for them to tear out and destroy. If your bunny destroys stuff that you leave on the floor then don’t leave it there. Amour and Louie gladly don’t chew anything left on the floor but Amour loves to throw around my slippers I wear at home.

Flooring: Bunny proofing also means making the life of your bunny as comfortable as possible. Slippery floors shouldn’t be a part of it. We have a real wooden floor in our apartment so its quite slippery for the bunnies. So I have a big carpet for the bunnies and in the entrance area I put down some PCV flooring topped with a small rug to cover the transition of the two floorings. If you don’t know how your bunnies react to rugs please buy a small cheap one first before getting a big one and invest in it. Some bunnies love to tear carpets apart (and even eat them!). In general I recommend not to get anything fluffy. Get a carpet made out of flat and tight material. Some bunnies also like to pee on carpets, so just observe how your bunnies react to it.

(our newest setup is a little bit different. Pictures will follow on Instagram @amour.the.bun)

Toys: Amour and Louie gladly are not furniture and base boards chewers so I don’t need extra protections for that but what every bunny needs are a lot of toys to chew anyways. They have a bin which has multiple toys with different textures in it. They most prefere willow toys. Amour and Louie also have a willow tunnel wich I have to replace every few months because they just love to chew it completely down. We get all our toys from the happy bunny club boxes or the bunnies that lunch shop.

I you want to know more about our room setup and about how to litter train & free roam your bunny, make sure to visit those blog posts: Our room setup, How I litter trained Amour, How to free roam your bunny.

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