Bunny Diet

In this blog post I will explain the bunnies diet since this is a often asked question. I will go in depth of what Amour and Louie eat a day.

Disclaimer: I don’t get paid by any company linked to feed my bunnies these foods and say its good for them and that they like it.

Amour and Louie get fed two times a day. They have access to fresh hay and fresh water 24 hours 7 days a week (VERY IMPORTANT) In the morning they always get their fresh food, I refill their hay and in the evening they get their pellets and I add herbs into the hay occasionally.

They love getting herbs or dried vegetables mixed into their hay. They are both crazy about the ribwort and rose petal mix from BunnyNature. But they also love dried parsnip, carrot herbs, dried apple, sunflowers and dried parsley.

Hay toys like hay cubes and tunnels are also great! Yes they make a lot of mess but its worth it!

Pellets: Amour and Louie get a mix of 3 kinds of pellets. And one supplement into their pellets. They get 1 overflowing table spoon each of UFA 856 pellets (1), two overflowing table spoons of structure food by Marstall (2) each and one just perfectly filled table spoon of the basic BunnyNature pellets (3). As supplement they each get half of a table spoon of natural multivitamin pellets by Mucki (4).

Fresh food: They both get a small bowl of fresh veggies every morning. Mostly its cut up chiccory with fennel, parsley, basil, parsnip or a little bit of carrot. They also sometimes get a salad mix. I fill up the bowl and it measures to about XXX grams (1 bowl)

Cut up chiccory, a little bit of carrots and fresh parsley

They get treats occasionally. When giving treats I give grain free ones and watch out for stuff that shouldn’t be in there. Plane hay or herb treats are best! They also enjoy some fresh fruit like banana or apple (only small amounts). But they are most crazy about the little sweethearts treats from BunnyNature.

More information/similar blogpost: What are bunnies allowed to eat?


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