Our cleaning routine

Welcome to our cleaning routine blog post, here I will explain to you how I keep everything clean with this chaos duo!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this post.

Litter boxes

For their litter boxes I use wood stove pellets from Cat’s Best Universal. I love to use it not only because it’s super absorbent, has no odor, doesn’t stick to their fur and is cheap, I also love the fact that it’s compostable! I completely dump their litter boxes in our composter outside every two to three days. Then I swipe them down with a pet safe wet towel or rinse it with water and refill it with new litter and fresh hay.

Our «Poopie Eater»

I invested some money into a robot vacuum. We got a Roomba, the model 676, by iRobot. And I must say, its money well spent! I let him run while I cook dinner everyday. He has no problems with picking up poops, pellets, fur and even hay. Especially for a quite busy person like me who works full time and goes to school this robot is just a dream! He is more silent than normal robots and the bunnies are not scared of him. Amour just hates him like he also hates brooms.

Small cleaning

To be satisfied and just to have a clear mind I sweep the floor up right when I wake up. Because there are mostly some poops on the carpet from Louie. I also do this when vacuumin isnt requierd and its all tidy and clean already.I also like to sweep things up like hay and their spilled food next to their bowls, so everything is tidy


Only little Louie is still having some pee accidents sometimes. But no big deal if you use the right products. I first wipe down the stain with a paper towel, then put that in their litter boxes. After that I go over it with a pet safe wet towel. Once its dried I spray odor and stain remover on it (!also pet safe!). Depending on where the accident happened it needs multiple treatments with the spray but it always works! If it happens on one of the small rugs we have, I put the spray on it and put the rug in the washer as soon as possible!


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