Daily routine with Amour and Louie

Since my routine changes a little bit since I got the little crazy one, Louie, I decided to update my routine and make a new post about my daily routine with my bunnies.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these food brands mentioned in this post.

I mostly get up at 5. 30 am

then first off I open the widow completely for fresh air and I pick up the poops that are besides the litter box and clean the rom quickly with a broom if needed. After that I am give them their fresh food. They each get a small bowl of fresh salad (sometimes mixed with a little bit of carrot, fennel or basil/parsley) each morning. I sometimes prepare their morning meal in the evening before, so I am quicker. While they are eating I check their hay and water, if needed I refill it. After that I get dressed and I get myself ready. A little later they are done eating and it’s already time to tell them goodbye and I sadly have to leave for work.

I come home around 5 pm

…I directly greet the bunnies and give them a treat if they didn’t do any mischiefs. I quickly put my bag away and sometimes quickly brush over everything with a small broom. After that I usually have a few minutes for myself and then every second to third day I clean their litter boxes. (A cleaning routine post will follow soon) I usually eat around 6.30 pm so they usually follow me into the kitchen where they will get a small fresh snack like a piece of apple or carrot for in between. I usually also groom them both every few days (Louie gets groomed more often because of his long fuzzy fur).

Dinner time

…for the bunnies is around 8.00 pm. For dinner they only get their pellets, 1 overflowing table spoon each of UFA 856 pellets, two overflowing table spoons of structure food by Marstall each and one just perfectly filled table spoon of the basic BunnyNature pellets. They also get each half of a table spoon of natural multivitamin supplements. Later before I go to bed, around 10 pm, I check their hay and water again, if needed I refill it. I may add some herbs to their hay and then its bed time.

Taking care of bunnies or any animal is a lot or work. Caring for my two boys takes me a minimum of 3 hours everyday. So if you consider getting any animal be sure to have enough time that you can invest into caring for it. I put a lot of passion and love into caring for my bunnies and all animals deserve the same.

For more information about their diet visit our diet post, and our post about fresh food we shop for. For a little list of foods that bunnies are allowed and forbidden to eat visit this blog post. You will also find information on our instagram like in our story highlights on our profile called “Q and A”. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to message us via instagram, Facebook or the contact option on this website!


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