Update diet and daily routine

Since the last time our routine and mainly our diet has changed because of Amour. Amour has to lose a little weight so his breathing gets better (Story linked below)

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by the brands and products mentioned in this post.

Diet change

Amour and Louie get way less dry food now. Their pellets got reduced a lot. They only get 2 perfectly filled table spoons of marstall structure food and 3 pellets from BunnyNature each. I still mix half of a table spoon of multivitamin pellets in each bowl for their immune system. They still get the same amount of fresh food. And they get herbs mixed in their hay every evening. (We prefer the herb mixes, botanicals by bunny nature) I mix a different kind in their hay every evening. As hay they also have two kinds, because they prefer one or the other at times. One is a mountain hay and the other one is timothy hay.

Where it gets complicatedโ€ฆ

While Amour has to lose weight, Louie has to gain weight. By reducing the pellets for both they’ll lose weight. So I am also decreasing giving treats for Amour. He gets a maximum of 2 little treats a day (only my little sweethearts by BunnyNature) And Louie gets more treats, he also gets pellets as treats for example the UFA856 pellets and multivitamins by BunnyNature, and just different treats. Louie also gets bigger pieces of fresh foods as treats for example banana or apple and Amour gets a small piece. Sometimes when Amour is distracted I can sneak a snack for Louie in, so Amour won’t notice and get mad.


I clean their bowl even more often than usual. I sterilize them usually twice a week now (wash them with boiling water). And rinse them with water every evening. For Amour, and Louie also, it’s really important now that everything is dust free and clean, so vacuuming is super important.

Amour’s Story

View our full cleaning routine here

View our full daily routine here

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