Room set-up update

Our room set-tp has changed a lot since the last one, and I will quickly explain you what changed.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by the brands and products mentioned in this post.

New carpet

We had to get a new carpet because Louie started to pee on the old one. We managed the problem with our handy-dandy odor and stain remover spray but he still peed on it, especially because it was right in front of the litter box. Once the carpet started to look bleached from the pee and the product I had to make a cut and throw our beloved carpet out. Our new carpet is now a little smaller, its thinner and it’s in our favorite color! The carpet is from the h&m home conscious collection (linked carpet has a different size). It used to have cute fray ends but for bunny safety and for the safety of our beloved «Poopie Eater» we cut them off. But I didn’t throw them out. I made a garland type of decoration out of them and hung them up next to my windows.

Litter box furniture

To prevent Louie’s peeing I had to come up with something new, so I got inspired by the idea of having the litter box inside a furniture. I saw a lot about the bunny HOL online but for me it would have been a long process of first painting it white, and finding safe paint (It has to match my aesthetic) and I would have the extra storage I have now. I found a cheap cat litter box furniture on zooplus which has an extra shelf inside which you can adjust. Up there I now store a big bag of hay and some cleaning supplies. Louie’s litter habits went a lot better, he used to poop all over the carpet too at night and now he only loses around 5 poops during the whole day. The peeing problem is gone. The bunnies even like to go on top of the furniture so I put a white rug on top of it to make it cuddly and bunny safe. I even made a type of stairs with a stool so Louie can go up to and its easier and safer for both.

New Bowls

The buns got new bigger food bowls. They don’t only prevent their food from spilling everywhere (they love to dig out their food) but they also look super fancy. The bowls are from Happy House in the size Medium. They are super heavy so safety is guaranteed.

Hay, hay, hay, HAY

I also decided to buy them hay cubes/tunnels regularly since they both enjoy it, especially Amour loves it. They are both kind of hay haters but this hay cube they both enjoy to play with it. Despite the mess it’s a great investment and toy for the buns.

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