Another diet update

I informed most of you guys through our Instagram (@amour.the.bun) already. Since Louie has kidney problems, grain is not very good for him, so we finally completly cut it out of our diet and have another update for you guys!

(Disclaimer: we are not sponsored by any brand mentioned)

What changed

Since we cut out the grains, I stopped feeding them the Marstall structure food and the multivitamins by Mucki (they contain grain and soy). Also treats which contained grains, which only Louie got to gain weight, are cut off.

So what do they get now?

Well fresh food, once again is the same, the water I change and fill it twice a day, morning and evening, since it’s super important that Louie can drink a lot. For dry foods we still mostly stick with our favorite herb mixes we buy from bunnyNature botanicals.

(You can take a look at their mixes in their shop or check out which ones Amour and Louie like the best in our previous blog post)

I also use other herb mixes that I get from our local animal shop (Qualipet), from bunnies that lunch or the happy bunny club. Most importantly it should not contain grains and in the best case it also shouldn’t contain treats like dried fruits/vegetables such as apples or dried peas. So for the mixture I mix it like that:

I also changed their hay to a high quality one. I think they like it more than the previous one but I always try to offer two different kinds. The new hay is also from bunnyNature and its a meadow hay which is from a natural conservation.


We cut off treats with grains in them or any other not good stuff such as milk or soy. Gladly Amour and Louie are already obsessed with the treats from bunnyNature little sweethearts. I always bought them since the beginning and they both love it. Since there are 3 kinds the bunnies won’t get bored and you can switch them up. Other treats I give them are herb sticks/hearts or clover treats. Other than that they get fresh or dried treats like apple, banana, carrot, parsnip (only little amount!) or herbs such as parsley or basil.

The products from bunnyNature are all high quality that’s why they are also more expensive than others. But for me it’s really important that they only get natural stuff which isn’t processed and does not contain any unhealthy stuff. Especially since both were/are sick and Louie’s digestion is so sensitive.

(Pictures from the website itself)


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