Bunny Emergency Kit

In todays blog post I will talk about the emergency kit I have for the bunnies. Note: I will not link any medication they have or get. All medications given should be discussed with your vet.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned or linked

Our emergency kit


For medications we have a few things that are super handy to have for us. Of course we have Critical Care in case of any GI-Stasis or general refusal to eat. We have Fibreplex which helps with diarrhea (really hand to have at home all time) We have Metacam which is a pain medication which I use for Louie at the moment. Surolan is a gel treatment for the skin which helps with irritation and infections. I currently also use it for Louie. We still have some antibiotics left which I used for Amour. With that we have a pill syringe to put pills in their mouth easily. With all these medications we have several syringes, from big to small, for usage.


We also have grooming supplies in our emergency kit. We have a electrical shaver for to shave away the hair of any wounds or if Louie gets a knot in his fur. Then we have a soft brush which just brushes away lose hair. For intense grooming we have a Furminator which I only use on Amour. Always important to have are nail clippers! And for Louie I have a small grooming brush which has two sizes of bristles.

View our grooming routine here: How do I groom Amour and Louie

Food List

We have a double sided food list with basic foods which are allowed and not allowed to feed to the bunnies. It includes veggies, fruits, berries and herbs

View our blog post about this here: What are bunnies allowed to eat

Other Supplies

In case of smaller measurements we have multiple small teaspoons. In our emergency kit are also always several card from vets and specialists which we can contact at any time. I also have a sheet on what to do if Louie has stomach growling, (the information I got from his breeder because Louie had that since he was a baby) We also have a tummy tea which activates the tummy.

We also have a baby scale to measure their weight regularly. With that I use a small book where I track the dates and their weight.

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