What I do to keep Amour and Louie safe

I am a very overprotective bun mom, and since especially Louie requires a lot of care, I do certain things to make sure they are ok. With this blog post I will let you know what!

Bunny proofing

Bunny proofing is the most important point if you have your bunnies inside (outside its also important but I don’t keep them outside so I am not really experienced at that) Make clear to which rooms/areas your bunny is allowed or not allowed to go and make sure its safe for them.

We have a whole blogpost about how I bunny proofed my room

Right diet that suits your bunny

The right diet is also super important in keeping them safe! You dont want your bunny to eat something dangerous or unhealthy. I have changed our diet multiple times because of weight reasons or/and health reasons. Make sure you reasearch a lot and/or ask your vet what suits your bunny the best!

Check out our blogposts about this topic: What are bunnies allowed to eat, Fresh foods we buy, Bunny diet, Diet update 1, diet update due to medical reasons, current diet

Emergency Kit

As an animal owner you need to be prepared all the time in case of an emergency. Bunnies are super sensitive animals and usually don’t show symptoms until they cant hide it anymore. Survey your bunny closely to see behavior changes. Some stuff like critical care is always handy to have at home But please consider, the emergency kit is only for emergencies and only helps for the moment, please go to the next vet as soon as possible and don’t try to treat your bunny by yourself!

View our emergency kit blog post

Home Spy Camera

As a super protective bunny owner which is always concerned about her animals I have a spy camera placed in my room. I can watch my bunnies all the time from any place I am at. I can even rotate the camera, speak though it or record/take pictures of something. It also has night vision which is amazing. For me it gives me a feeling of safety that I can just know what they are up to during the time I am gone. We use the Reolink camera E1 3MP.


Since I live in a room with my bunnies I am super glad that I can survey them very closely and I can see small changes quickly. Its really important to survey and check your bunnies frequently to make sure they are healthy and ok!

«Health ckecks»

I weigh Amour and Louie regularly and note it down in a small book so I can see their weight changes and have it ready if the vet asks. I also check their ears when I weigh them and regularly feel their tummy. Checking their poop is also an essential and super easy task to do. Since Louie never poops 100% into the litter box its easy to find poops from him. Checking his is super important at the moment because of his medication intake.

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