Healthy bunny food?

Disclaimer: This blog post in NOT sponsored, we don’t get payed by the brand too mention it and talk good about it. Its our personal choice.

Natural and healthy bunny food

By BunnyNature

On the picture you see: ribwort and rose petals (pink), raspberry leaves and cornflower petals (red), crunchy cracker parsley, crispy snack carrot, nettle leaves and cornflower blossoms (purple), my little sweethearts wild berry (pastel pink) and dandelion (green), hibiscus flower and parsley stems (pastel blue/purple), echinacea and sunflower petals (bright green/yellow), horsetail and peppermint leaves (teal)

This brand stood out to me since I first got bunnies. Not only because of the super cute and beautiful packaging but also because they have a variety of natural and healthy foods, all grain free! It took us time to discover which foods the buns like the best, because there is a huge variety available. They have a variety of pellets, treats, herbs, hays, supplements and also some toys. Not only for bunnies but also for different animals like guinea pigs or chinchillas.

We always buy and stock up on these of their products:

  • Herb mixes from the botanical row
  • My little sweetheart treats
  • (occasionally) Crunchy cracker or crispy snack treats
  • Multivitamin supplement
  • Hay from nature conversation


For me its super important that Amour and Louie get the best so they can be healthy and eat a natural diet. Sure said its one of the more expensive brand, but if you look for pure and natural food this brand is the right way to go. Just make sure you check all the labels before you buy anything. Especially grain fattens the bunny and can lead to gas build up which can lead to GI-Stasis. A bunnies diet should consist mostly of hay and herbs (80%) then comes fresh food (vegetables) and the last small amount is pellets and treats. With a big daily dose of fresh water it will lead to a healthy, happy and comfortable bunny.

What herbs should I feed?

Lots of herbs have health benefits so make research and try out what your bunny likes best. Bunnies know what they need and will eat it if they need it, but some bunnies are picky and prefer one or the other thing. I always mix two mixes together each day and change them up so they get another benefit every day and don’t get bored.

What else?

I currently mix a table spoon each of the bunny nature pellets (which are also made from herbs and field grass) to their pellets. With that they get half of a tablet each of the multivitamin by bunny nature. I also started to mix some multivitamin drops in it especially for Louie (natural from fruits). And I will soon try out some timothy pellets from selective naturals and also their timothy hay.

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Links: BunnyNature, BunnyNature Products, BunnyNature Shop, Qualipet (where we mostly buy the brand from)

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