Short diet update

Just a quick update on what the boys are currently eating throughout the day. (Besides what I wrote here the boys of course get fresh water and fresh hay all day and night long!)

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this post. We dont get payed to say their name and say good stuff about them.


A bowl of fresh food, mostly cut up salads like or already pre made salad mixes, with some other vegetable as a little side dish/snack, such as carrot, parsnip, fennel, celery, kohlrabi leaves, kale. Sometimes additional fresh herbs like parsley or basil. And sometimes hand full of fresh meadow with all sorts of (already in it) herbs.


A tiny amount (one small slice or piece) of fresh Fruit such as apple, banana, apricot, kiwi, berries, or pineapple. Or grain free treats mostly from BunnyNature. The also sometimes get some fresh branches from outside.

Supplementary treats for health: once daily for Louie, the urinary support from oxbow and occasionally, if needed for anyone, the digestive support from oxbow.


A hand full in each bowl (two bowls) of herbs/herb mix, mostly from BunnyNature (Botanical) or from Grünhopper. If its only herbs I often mix a little bit dried vegetables in it such as beet root, carrots, fennel or parsnip. With that a table spoon each of the BunnyNature basic pellets.

Supplements for health

In the evening they also currently get multivitamin drops from Vitacombex mixed into their dry food (every day about 10 to 15 drops each bowl). And for Louie they also have treatments of 10 to 14 days of sulfur flower powder which helps with skin problems and is natural. I give them each about half of a table spoon in their food.

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