Supportive diet

To keep the boys healthy and to prevent illnesses and help them with issues I feed them a variety of supplements which help them naturally. I also have a emergency kit with stronger medication if needed in an emergency. !Keep in mind if your bunny is ill ALWAYS check with your vet and dont just try to solve the problem by yourself, it could end fatal!

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this post. We dont get payed to say their name and say good stuff about them.

Supplements we use and for what:

Sulfur flowers powder, this powder is completely natural and is often used with pigeons and horses for skin problems such as mites. I use this powder for several days up to two weeks in a row and then pause it for several weeks. I feed it to them with their dry food and just give about a half of a table spoon over each bowl. Sulfur flower fights of mites from the inside. It makes the skin sort of smell rotten and the mites then think the animal is dead and the will leave their body. You can also mix the powder with some oil that is not dangerous for bunnies (high quality olive oil or sesame oil) and put it on the effected area. Its no danger for them if they lick it off, its all natural. I have seen some improvement besides the treatment we do with the harsh medication from our vet. Louie is itching himself far less than before!

Multivitamin, we use the multivitamin drops by Vitacombex. Its a natural product (liquid) which you can easily mix into their water or drip over their food. I personally drip in onto their food because its easier for me to survey their intake. I use this as a precaution to illnesses and help Louie with his current issues. Because they are also caused by a weaker immune system and can get worse if the system is not getting any support or not getting any better.

Urinary Support, because Louie has a chronic problem with his kidneys (one is very enlarges and his urine isnt how it should be) I feed him treats (once a day) from oxbow (Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support) which are also natural and just support the whole urinary track.

Herbs, I use a variety of herbs and herb mixes for supportive reasons, for example to help with digestion. I mostly mix several together because bunnies will pick the herbs that they need the most currently because they know how it will help. We most use the herbs from BunnyNature (Botanical) but we also have special mixes which already have all soft of herbs and also dried vegetables in them. For example the herb mix from Grünhopper. I also have seed mixes for the tummy and intestines (also from Grünhopper) which I love to mix a table spoon inside their dinner if its moulting season or if I just see a behaviour change with pooping or eating.

Natural healthy diet, not feeding grains at all and not feeding to much pellets is the right way to go. You shouldnt be scared of your bunny not eating enough when you reduce the pellet ration. Bunnies will eat more hay by themselves after they see that other foods are given less. Most bunnies are just to lazy to eat hay because its more exhausting to eat, chew and digest it. So they tend to wanting to eat more fast and easier stuff such as treats, pellets and fresh food. None of these should be overfeed. The diet of a bunny consists of 80% hay.

What their current diet looks like you can see here: Short diet update

Also make sure to check out our instagram story highlight called «food» where you can see our daily feeding and more informations! And also check out our blog further with these food related posts. Just click here.

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