How to bond with your bunny in 8 steps

In this blog post I will give you my personal steps to bonding / or a better bond, between your bunny and you!

  1. Give them some time to get to know the area they will live in (if its a new bunny or you just moved)
  2. Start by sitting outside of the pen, near the grid , if possible. (if not sit in a corner of the room with enough distance)
  3. If your bunny starts coming to try not to move so you doesn’t scare him/her
  4. Start having treats with you and offering them to your bunny
  5. If you see he or she is comfortable with you you can start moving into the pen (or into the middle of it)
  6. Try laying down flat on your back, to go down to their level, let them come to you and offer treats
  7. If your bunny is comfortable and comes to you, you can try to pet him/her, talk softly
  8. Great for bonding is also always hand feeding them their food or some treats!

Disclaimer: Every bunny has its own personality so some bunnies just prefer to have bunny friends instead of human friends. Some bunnies hate to be touched/pet and/or picked up. Do whats most comfortable for you bunny and survey him/her. And remember patience is key!

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