Our room setup May 2020

A lot of people are interested in our room setup so I thought about updating and showing it to you once again!

As a graphic designer I put a lot of effort in designing and arranging stuff to perfection, not only in my job but also in my private life. I can’t handle colors not matching or being off, so my room is a huge deal for me and it takes a lot of little stuff and thoughts for me, to be completely satisfied.

Disclaimer: I live at home with my mom so I live with the bunnies in one room 24/7. On occasions, when I can survey them, they also have a run in the whole apartment.

General theme

My room theme form the start was kind of powder rose/light rose. With time it got lighter and lighter and now I added a lot of white and also some beige tones in it.

As a plant lover I cant live without plants in my room. But the most important part is to keep Amour and Louie safe. So they are all placed high away from them in areas they cant reach. I also try to pick plants that don’t loose leaves, which can fall on the ground and become dangerous.

We are not sponsored by any brand mentioned, we don’t get money for mentioning their name.


I will now list the key items and where I have them from, keep in mind that we live in switzerland and you probably wont have those shops in your area/country but you can sure find similar items if interested!

  • Pillows and Carpets, Hornbach
  • Mirror, Ikea
  • Plants, Migros or Hornbach
  • Furniture, mostly from Ikea
  • Bins/Storage, mostly from Ikea or Migros
  • Grey «stool», Ottos
  • Litter box furniture, Zooplus
  • Litter box, Zooplus
  • Decorations like candles or garlands, mostly from H&M Home or self made
  • Light Sign (@amourthebun), Amazon
  • Curtains, Ottos
  • Bowls, Qualipet and Amazon
  • Tray (under the bowls), Galaxus
  • Bed for the bunnies, Zooplus
  • Toys, Bunnies that Lunch or Happy Bunny Club
Amour blends in perfectly!

How do I keep everything tidy and clean?

For keeping everything tidy I have figured out a great storage system for me which is discreet: I have a bin in my shelf where I keep their herbs, pellets and supplements for their dinner. Then I have one drawer which is filled with medications, some toys to switch out and their treats. Inside the litter box furniture is also a little shelf where I keep a big bag of herbs and some cleaning utensils like a small broom and a cleaning brush. The rest, like hay, spare treats, herbs, litter, and pellets, I can gladly keep in our storage area in our apartment.

Keeping everything clean is very important for me and let me say, white or light colored carpets in general not a good idea but I live with it and I accept the struggle. Check out our cleaning routine here:

Our cleaning routine

Welcome to our cleaning routine blog post, here I will explain to you how I keep everything clean with this chaos duo! Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this post. Litter boxes For their litter boxes I use wood stove pellets from Cat’s Best Universal. I love to use it not […]

How I keep my room clean with a free roam bunny

On my instagram I update you guys frequently about how I clean my room so I decided to make a more detailed post about it on our blog. If you want to see our little vlogs about cleaning our area/room you can check out our story highlight “cleaning” with the broom icon on our instagram […]

Bunny proofing

Keeping everything bunny proof is my first priority when moving something in my room! Make sure to check out our blog posts about this topic to learn more:

How I bunny proofed my room

In this blogpost I will go through simple bunny proofing that I did in my room. Its really important to do that when your bunnies are free roaming, especially when you don’t survey them. Bunnies can easily get into things that are super dangerous and you might not even realize that.

What I do to keep Amour and Louie safe

I am a very overprotective bun mom, and since especially Louie requires a lot of care, I do certain things to make sure they are ok. With this blog post I will let you know what! Bunny proofing Bunny proofing is the most important point if you have your bunnies inside (outside its also important […]

Previous room set ups:

Our Room Setup

In this blogpost I wanted to show you our room setup and explain it a little bit more in detail. Some of you might know our setup from our Instagram. Advertising: some of the products are linked in this blogpost, I bought all the stuff myself, I don’t get paid by any company. Amour and […]

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