Was it worth buying?

In todays blog post I will go though some bunny supplies I bought and if they were necessary or not, looking at the situation now and my experience with them personally.

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this blog post, we do not get payed to mention their name/brand.

Grids – yes

YES absolutely worth it! Even though Amour and Louie are completely free roam now, I use grids to block off the area under my bed, you can use them if you want to section off something, and much more. Grids for me are a must and I will never throw them out because you never know!

Fancy toys – no

Even though fancy toys are cute, mostly its not worth spending a ton of money on it. Most bunnies prefer branches or cardboard which is easy and cheap to provide. If you know what your bunny likes, spend money on toys made out of that material and dont waste it on other toys.

Salt licks – NOO!

Even I made the mistake first and thought bunnies needed this. Dont offer salt licks, they can get very dangerous as its way to salty for bunnies and they take it way too much by licking on it! It can cause serious illnesses such as problems with the baldder!

Water bottle – NOO!

After thinking they dont drink out of a bowl I quickly bought a bottle which was a huge mistake looking at it now. Bottles can get really dangerous because bunnies cant get enough water out of it and the bacteria build up in the bottle itself is huge!

Big wood houses – no

This is a no for me personally. Houses just get all nasty with time, especially fur sticks to them. Amour and Louie dont really hide and Amour prefers to lay on something soft anyways. If they want to hide they have hidden liter boxes, they can go under my desk or my chair. And they always have a willow tunnel which they can also chew.

Cuddly bed – yes

After a few beds (which were way to fancy) which the bunnies didnt like (and we then donated) we found a cheap and simple one they really love! Most of the time its easier to just go with the simplest one and the bunnies will be most happy about it! (Bed by Zooplus, not sponsored)

Hay racks – no

For us personally hack racks didnt work out. Amour and Louie both prefer to eat the hay right from the floor of the litter box. I saw that they both eat less if its placed inside a rack. Survey your bunnies and see what works best.

Lots of bowls – yes

I must say we have a lot of bowls, which I find very useful. I use spare ones to serve medicine in it or replace them when they are going for a deep wash. Having enough bowls is definitely a must for me.

More litter boxes than placed – yes

I have a normal sized spare one and a huge one to switch out when one gets broken or I deep clean one which needs to get soaked for a few hours. Getting at least one more litter box than placed is a big tip I can give to you.

Expensive hay – yes/no

We had a really long story with a hay eating problem. So for us personally its a yes because the hay we use is expensive BUT its also high quality. Not meaning that every expensive hay (brand) is high quality! I am really happy to have finally found a hay that Amour and Louie both love. The hay we use is from a natural conservation meadow and from the brand BunnyNature.

All those opinions are on a personal base – meaning some of you may find stuff more or less useful than me.

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