Bond and aggression

In this blogpost I want to update you all on what the bond between Amour and Louie is like now. We are really thankful for Amour’s breeder which cares a lot about her bunnies, even if they have a new home, she helped us find a new partner for Amour! Louies gotcha day will be on 4th July so soon. So i thought now is a good moment to update you all!


His personality: Amour was a quite sassy bun from the start, he knows what he wants and what he likes. He is super sceptical with humans but once you connected to him, he is a really loving bun, even though he doesn’t express it. He expresses his love by laying next to you, staying flopped near you or just coming to you. He is not an affectionate bunny and does not like human touch. He is also very territorial and food aggressive, so it’s really important to serve him first or distract him and just to know what is his to not make him mad. Amour is also a very clean and tidy bunny.


His personality: Louie was a very sweet, sensitive, affectionate bunny since I know him. He loves to be held, pet and just touched. In the same time he is very hyper and doesn’t know boundaries very well. A good thing is that he does not react aggressive when something is up. He is mostly very polite and just cares about getting his treat or cuddle by the end. Louie is very silly and loves to run around and do mischiefs. But he is also a great listener and knows when I call him. On the opposite of Amour, Louie is a very messy bunny.

Bonding now

Amour and Louie are mostly very cuddly with each other. They love to lay side by side and Louie also quite often flops near Amour. What is also super cute is, that Louie sometimes protects Amour when he is deeply asleep by sitting in front or near him. Those moments are just too sweet to believe.

But as soon as it comes to food in any kind of way the aggressions start from Amour. Amour tends to launch at Louie quite fast with honking noises. Sometimes some chasing is involved to. Gladly they never bite or hurt each other in any way. And after both get their ways the “fight” is forgotten and they love each other again. Amour shows off his jealousy and dominance once food is involved so I personally like to “call him out” once he attacks Louie like that. I call him out by saying a more or less loud “NO” and a light fast touch in the belly/back area which he doesn’t like. Its like I would “launch” at him and I show my dominance over him. I can only do that because Amour is not scared of me.

Amour also sometimes honks when someone is in his space and he is not in the mood for it or when I move something near him or want to move his food/treats. It depends on the kind of honk and launching until I find its too dominant so I would “call him out”.

For me its a top one priority to just never hurt an animal, and me touching him in that moment does NOT hurt him. It just brings him out of that “aggressive” moment and shows my dominance over him. Its like I would launch or honk at him myself. This technique is also known with dogs to bring the out of their aggression.

Keep in mind all bunnies are different, have different character traits that might work or not work with others. This blogpost is just about my experience and I am not a bunny trainer or expert. Its best to be talking to your breeder, the shelter, or the vet (or someone who is really experienced with lots of bunnies) for advice!

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