How is Amour so clean?

How is Amour so clean/white? I get this question asked a lot via DM and comments under our posts. So even if the answers are quite simple and logic, I thought about making a blog post about it just to make it clear and to educate people which might not know it.

Clean environment

Amour lives in a clean environment, like all bunnies should. Since I keep him inside, and free roam, he doesn’t really get in touch with dirt such as mud. I do go outside with him but only when it’s dry (not muddy) and the grass doesn’t stain him really. The area which he lives in gets cleaned often and most importantly we have super absorbent and enough litter in the litter box to keep it clean. Also important is switching out the litter often enough.

If you are interested in our cleaning routine, make sure to check out the blog posts about it:

Our cleaning routine

Welcome to our cleaning routine blog post, here I will explain to you how I keep everything clean with this chaos duo! Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brand mentioned in this post. Litter boxes For their litter boxes I use wood stove pellets from Cat’s Best Universal. I love to use it not […]

How I keep my room clean with a free roam bunny

On my instagram I update you guys frequently about how I clean my room so I decided to make a more detailed post about it on our blog. If you want to see our little vlogs about cleaning our area/room you can check out our story highlight “cleaning” with the broom icon on our instagram […]

The litter box

I personally use wood stove pellets or straw pellets in their litter box, they are super absorbent, odor free and dust free. By changing the litter box bedding frequently Amour’s paws are clean. IMPORTANT: never use litter boxes with grids on them. Grids hurt the bunnies feed and can lead to bad injuries such as sore hocks. More information about our litter box you can find in our blogposts about our cleaning routine.

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Bunnies clean themselves

Just like cats, bunnies keep themselves clean by grooming 24/7. Thats why it’s important to groom your bunny often to get all the excess hair out of them, so they don’t ingest it. Other like cats which vomit out the fur they have eaten, bunnies will poop it out. Too much hair can lead to blockage, most likely leads to GI-Stasis which will then very often end with death if not treated immediately. So precociously grooming your bunny, especially during moulting season is a must! You will support your bunny a lot with it, and will prevent illness.

NEVER bathe your bunny!

Bathing a bunny can lead to a variety of problems and can end with death. Only bathe your bunny if you have to treat it for an illness which your vet has diagnosed and gave you the permission to. If your bunny is dirty, such as mud, pee or poo, use a damp towel to clean the area. It’s easier if you have someone who holds the bunny while you gently clean the area. It’s also an option to put the bunny inside of a transport box (or something similar) which has a damp towel placed on the ground. Leave your bunny in there to let the paws (for example) soak. Then you can just dry them off with a dry towel afterwards.

And now we wish you good luck on your way to a squeaky clean floof bum and bunny paws! Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact option on this website or social media if you have any questions.

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