The cuddly one

Born 01/03/2019 (Pisces)
Gotcha Day 04/07/2019

(written in the perspective of Amour)

Louie is my half brother and is a purebred fuzzy lop! He was raised by hand because his mother didn’t accept the babies. Sadly his siblings passed.

Even though Louie (a.k.a Ludwig) is small, he loves to explore stuff and always gets into things he isn’t supposed to if you don’t have an eye on him. Good thing is: he listens really well. So if bunmom calls his name, he comes right away (i don’t really do that). But he also keeps our servant busy with cleaning, because he makes a mess all the time.

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Louie is crazy about every food. It’s hard to find something he doesn’t like so he often steals my food, which I don’t like.

He also is crazy about cuddling and being pet. He just wants all the physical attention by our hoomin all the time.